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I think that anon was angry because of your post saying ''how to make your WHOLE fandom freak out'', as if you were saying that EVERYONE in the fandom was going crazy and fangirling and stuff you know?

Yeah that’s what i thought. but why being always so freaking defensive on the fangirling thing all the time like is there a law saying that you can’t be a fangirl and being over excited when your favorite actor or singer gets a new haircut? is that so shaming? when i used the term ”freak out” it wasn’t in a negative way it was just to show how easy it was for ben c to make his fandom reacting just by getting a new haircut or shaving his beard. i mean i’m also in a fandom and we’re all ”freaking out” when there’s new stuff of martin coming out i mean i know what it is and were are not all like ”ew fangirls are gross and stupid me i’m a good fan i’m so superior and better than everyone else” like can we have a bit of fun and stop being serious all the time. i can’t even believe i’m writing all this srsly all this drama is so annoying and ridiculous we can’t even write a damn thing on internet without having someone somewhere feeling the need to act like a dickhead. *logs out and goes hysterically and stupidly fangirling over martin freeman because i have the right to*


This is probably the last thing I should be doing but…but… rugbyJohn! To go with my dancerlock



Martin Freeman at the Stage Door after Richard III on 3rd July 2014

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Martin Freeman - The Robinsons (gifs) (1)

Martin in Men Only

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a big LOL to ben cs ”fans” coming on my blog,which is a MARTIN FREEMAN blog,and sending me hate srsly how old are you omg

It would be nice not to be lumped in with the hysterical fan girls getting all twitchy about BC's hair (it's just hair for chrissakes) - I could care less and I am a fan - you all lumping us all together is just an embarrassment. If you want to be freaked out about a stranger's hair, fine - just leave the rest of us out of the stupid hysteria about it.

is that a blog about benedict cumberbatch? do you see benedicts face on my icon? am i currently freaking out and hysterically fangirling over benedict cumberbatch rn? NO.don’t act like you’re a good and superior fan just bc you’re not reacting the same as other fans. if you wanna go hate on someone go away cause you’re not even in the good fandom lmao

how to make your whole fandom freak out in less than two weeks: a guide by benedict cumberbatch

step1:grow a beard

step2:shave it the next day

step3:cut your hair


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I’m really not over this..


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